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The name ‘Cookie’ derives from the Dutch word ‘Koekje’ or ‘Koekie’ which means ‘little cake’.

Webster defines ‘Cookie’ as ‘dry cake’.

WH Smith, an authority on Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies, says...

“Cookies are in many ways a combined fuel and lubricant in a
well-balanced mixed diet. They keep the engine running smoothly.”

Dutch bakers were perhaps the first in the world to make wire-cut cookies in machines, which became greatly popular.

Over time, wire-cut cookie machines were developed in other parts of the world too and people were besotted with the taste of these cookies.

The process of making wire-cut cookies is unique. The dough is made extra-soft in consistency for ease of processing. As the dough, on extrusion, passes through the dies, a reciprocating wire cuts it and the dough pieces fall on chain conveyor bands zigzagging inside the infra-red baking oven. This lets the cookies freely spread and rise to give that tempting texture and amazing taste.

In fact, the art of making great wire-cut cookies lies in controlling the spread and rise and we, at Homestyle, have mastered just that.

The recipes are our own exclusive creations.

To ensure consistency in taste and quality, we closely monitor every stage of production — mixing, baking and packaging. Right from selection of ingredients to packaging, stringent quality control is our hallmark.

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