Homestyle Cookies are packed in pouches made of foil-based 3-layer laminate to maintain freshness of the cookies for over six months.

We have a wide range of packaging to cater to all needs. The prices are pocket-friendly.

cookie packs

For institutional needs, we offer:

25g 2-cookie Pouch

Specially designed for travel catering like Airlines, Railways etc. All variants available.

125g/100g Economy Pouch

For hotels, coffee shops and banquets :
Variants in 125g Pouch — Shortbread, Ginger Snap, Chockies, Californian,
Coffee Snap, Sesame Crisp, Brandy Snap.
Other variants in 100g Pouch.

For retail and gifts, corporate and festival, we have these attractive packs:

100g Pack

Presently available variants — Choc Nut, Choc Chip, Fruit ’n’ Nut, Coffee Nut, Almond Crunch,
Pista Crunch.

200g Can

Presently available variants — Shortbread, Ginger Snap, Chockies, Californian,
Coffee Snap, Sesame Crisp.

200g Crunchy Delights Pack

Offering a selection of eight variants of cookies, each in
25g 2-cookie Pouch —
the selection changing from time to time.

250g Double Delight Pack

Offering two variants of cookies, each in 125g Pouch. Presently available combinations — Shortbread & Ginger Snap, Chockies & Californian.

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A great treat for all occasions.

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